I have lived in Houston for the last 17 years but I’ve also lived and traveled in Europe, Africa, and Asia. I’ve loved photography since the 1980s when it was all film and shooting a roll involved a lot of delayed gratification. The way I shoot today is influenced by my experience with film: even though my camera can take 14 shots a second, I seldom use it that way. I pick the moment and try to get the shot. My style is more focused on mood and story.

Photography is not my full time occupation. It is a creative break from my other obligations – being a father to three children and working on a PhD in History. Each project is a unique opportunity for me to give clients more personalized attention because I am motivated by producing images they will love rather than by having to churn out pictures to pay the bills. My work is not a production line of trying to squeeze as many shoots in as possible.

If you’re looking for professional results and exceptional attention to detail, you’ve found the right photographer.

Email me about your project: TheArtfulDodger@photographer.net